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We are now Liquidating our entire inventory of tassels!

Please send e-mail if you are interested in purchasing our entire inventory of Key Tassels, Drapery Tassels, Tie-Backs, Chair-Ties, and Picture Hangers.

The finest quality Italian Decor, tassel accessories, and drapery enhancements are found here!


Our Italian Key Tassels, Drapery Accessories, Tie-Backs, Chair-Ties, Picture Hangers, & Drapery Trimmings are priced LOW: 
We are now Liquidating our entire Inventory of tassels! 






River Valley Specialties

P.O. Box 181419

Corpus Christi, Tx  78480

We specialize in:
High-quality, hand-made Italian Tassels, Tie-Backs, Drapery Adornments, Chair-Ties, Cords, and Drapery Trims. 

"River Valley Specialties imports The most gorgeous, what-to-die-for Italian drapery tassels at prices that can't be beat  anywhere we know of!"  

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Welcome to TasselsPlus.com 
River Valley Tassels & Trims!
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  • Key Tassels, Drapery Tassels, and Trims are EXCELLENT for adding extra color and style to furniture, curtains, drapes, and home decor.


  • We have a LARGE selection of styles and colors of Key Tassels, Drapery Tassels, and Drapery Trims to choose from.  Just click on one of the available articles, found on the menu bar to begin a unique shopping experience.  


  • A large selection of Italian tassels and drapery garnishes at "limited-time-only" reduced prices!


  • We have a large selection of drapery tie-backs and tassels at reduced prices!

Tasselsplus.com is THE place on-line, to find hundreds of styles and colors of key tassels, drapery accessories, and drapery trimmings at the lowest possible prices.  We take pride in our hand-made Italian tassels, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our 30 day return policy.  If you have a question about our tassels or trimmings, please..... send us an e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.
Tasselsplus.com is an experienced on-line outlet for ALL of your Italian decor, tassel, and drapery accessory needs!

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